Let’s just say there is a good reason they call this region a rainforest. The moist air from the ocean colliding with the mountains results in significant rainfall. We consider summer days as those between June and August (which comes with less rain) with cooler months on either end.

Weather - British Columbia Rainforest [Season May to October]

  • The temperature from May till June averages from highs of 17 - 30ºC (62 - 90ºF) with evening lows never dropping below 10ºC (50ºF), mid June to the end of August being the warmer months.
  • Rainfall is low in the summer months, with an average of 74 mm per month (2.9" per month) decreasing to 42 mm per month (1.6" per month) through the months of July and August.
  • Hours of daylight in southern British Columbia range from 16 hours, decreasing towards the fall months of September and October.
  • The sun rises in May early at 5am and gradually rises later as the days get shorter in September and October rising at 7am, with an average 16 hours of daylight dropping to 11 by October
  • The Sun sets in May and June around 9pm with the days gradually getting shorter with a sunset a 6pm in October.

Weather - Pilanesberg and Southern Green Kalahari, South Africa [All year round]

  • From September to April, the temperature averages from highs of 25 - 30ºC (80- 90ºF) with evening lows around 20 degrees (70ºF) , the cooler months are May to August with highs around 25ºC (80ºF), evenings dropping to 10ºC (50ºF)
  • Rainfall is heaviest in the warmer months of November to February, averaging 120 mm (5") per month. In the cooler months, from March to October, the rainfall averages from 5 mm to 25 mm (1/4" to 1").
  • Hours of daylight in northern South Africa remain steady between 10.5 and 13.5 hours through the year, with June having the shortest days to the longest in December.
  • The longest days are in December with the sun rising at 5am and the shortest days are in July with the sun setting at 7am.
  • The Sun sets its latest in December at 7pm and its earliest in July at 5:30.

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