Clothing Tips for the Rainforests of British Columbia

When you fly with one of our packages into the heart of this rainforest, each promises to provide you with an extraordinary experience. Our temperate BC rainforest is a vast region and home to extraordinary biodiversity and stunning landscapes. A backdrop so beautiful it’s hard for you to imagine it’s not a Hollywood creation. To ensure you pack everything you need for your adventure, we put together a list of clothing tips for your next escape with Adventica Luxury Travel.

For outdoor adventuring, we suggest you pack comfortable, lightweight clothing and layers.

Inner Layers

You may want a quick-dry or moisture wicking t-shirt on a sunny summer day and, as you walk into the forest and under the canopy, you’ll need a few layers when the temperature drops. Merino wool is an excellent choice. It’s warm and thin without being too heavy. Unless you naturally run hot, a midweight choice will keep you comfortable.

Outer Layers

Pack yourself a couple of fleeces and/or a warm sweater to wear over your layers. For any cooler moments, a packable lightweight puffy coat or vest is immensely useful as another layer of warmth, especially when it rains.

You may also wish to bring a wool headband, tuque (knit cap), or hat.


For raingear, a waterproof shell or raincoat to wear over your layers is perfect in this environment. Tip: Most of the lodges supply waterproof boots and raingear.

Shoes/Hiking Boots

Bring along warm, comfortable, waterproof shoes and/or lightweight hiking boots or a trail running shoe (don’t forget socks). A good pair of water shoes come in handy if you plan to kayak, canoe, or paddleboard.


Pack a swimsuit or two as the orcas and sealions are the only ones allowed to skinny dip. Swimming in the ocean is delightful and refreshing in the summer. Many of the luxurious Lodges you will stay at have beautifully situated hot tubs and saunas that are available for you to enjoy after a day of exploring.  

Even with the clouds, the coastal sun’s rays can do a number on you so bring sunscreen.

You’ll appreciate polarized lenses to remove glare, especially when you are on the water.

You may also wish to have a day pack to carry a water bottle, your camera, sunscreen, etc., for excursions. Include your rain gear as the weather can change from morning to afternoon. 

Indoor/Outdoor Relaxation

Comfortable clothes are all you need for those times you’re inside or sitting around the campfire. Stay casual, the rainforest isn’t the place for fancy clothing. Wrap yourself in flannel, soft cotton, and cuddly cashmere. 

Finally, don’t forget a good book or ipad/kindle and maybe a journal to capture it all.

Aircraft Weight Restrictions

Ensure you pack everything you need for your adventure while considering weight restrictions for the plane You are limited to a total baggage maximum of 25 lbs/11.3 kilos. Yes, that’s really for all bags; luggage, purses, camera bags, etc.

Our plane has a maximum weight it can carry for lift off and this includes fuel and luggage. We would suggest you use soft-sided luggage with or without wheels. Consider using packing cubes to compress your items to give you the ability to bring that extra little bit more.

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