Here is a list of the Wildlife and Marine animals you will have a chance to see on your adventures with Adventica

Marine Life - British Columbia Rainforest

  • Resident Orca (Killer) Whales - occasionally seen in August
  • Transient Orca (Killer) Whales - common in June to September; and occasionally seen in May and October
  • Dolphins and Porpoises are common from May to October
  • Sea Lions - very common year round
  • Harbour Seals - very common year round
  • Salmon - very common in June to August [fishing season], and common in May, September and October

Wildlife - British Columbia Rainforest

  • Grizzly Bear common in August and September
  • Black Bear common in May to August
  • Deer - C - very common Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Bald Eagle - very common from May to October

Wildlife - Pilanesberg

  • Lion - Common
  • Leopard - Rare
  • Cheetah - Rare
  • Cape Buffalo - Extremely Rare
  • Elephant - Very Common
  • Wild Dog - Extremely Rare
  • Rhino - Very Common

Wildlife - Tswalu

  • There are 85 mammals and 264 bird species commonly seen at Tswalu
  • Included are:
    • Oryx, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, warthog and ostrich are common sightings
    • Kalahari black-maned lion, desert black rhino and African wild dog
    • Leopard, the rare Hartmann’s mountain zebra, reedbuck and klipspringer. Cape buffalo and large predators, including cheetah, hyena, and black-backed jackal

Wildlife photo credits

Bear with Salmon - Credit: Northern Vancouver Island Tourism/Steven Fines

BLack bear with salmon - Credit: Destination BC/Yuri Choufour

Otter - Credit: Destination BC/Boomer Jerritt

Bald eagle - Credit: Eagle Wing Tours/Clint Rivers

Sea Lions - Credit: Northern Vancouver Island Tourism/Steven Fines

Spirit Bear - Credit: Destination BC/Clare Levy

Spirit Bear - Credit: Destination BC/Yuri Choufour

Mama Bear and cubs - Credit: Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild

Humpback whale - Credit: Eagle Wing Tours/Valerie Shore

Breaching humpback whale - Credit: Eagle Wing Tours/Clint Rivers

Orca - Credit: Eagle Wing Tours/Valerie Shore

Aerial Ocean|Black Bears - Credit: Destination BC/Jeremy Koreski

Coastal Aerial - Credit: Destination BC/Graeme Owsianski

Beach with Kayaks - Credit: Tourism Vancouver Island/Ben Giesbrecht

Totem Pole - Credit: Destination BC/Grant Harder

Forest walk - Credit: Destination BC/Graeme Owsianski

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