Private Charter Cessna 210 - British Columbia - Canada

The Cessna 210 is a four-seat, high-performance, retractable-gear, single-engine, high-wing general-aviation light aircraft, available for charters. 1 pilot and 3 passengers can fly in relatively economical aircraft in altitudes above 10,000 feet, while cruising at speeds over 300km/hour.

We can also offer flights which are conducted in lower altitudes for observation, tours, wildlife viewing and city/mountains vistas.

Our Aircraft is stationed at CYPK(Pitt Meadows) airport.

Aircraft charter rates are:

  • $11/mile, based on Spidertracks report per each flight
  • Layover/stand-by rates are $100 per each half hour the aircraft is standing by (not flying) during booked time
  • all charters include relocation time from CYPK to the pick-up location, and after the charter completion, a relocation flight back to CYPK
  • Other fees, such as landing fees, Nav Canada fees, and layover fees will be applied where applicable
  • Minimum stand-by charges based only on standby fees will be calculated at the time of check out
  • Start and end times will vary due to season, weather, and visual flight rules

Your itemized final bill will be emailed to you providing details of all charges upon completion of the charter.

  • The billable cost will be calculated using only ACTUAL flight distance, plus any applicable fees.
  • Fuel surcharge may be added based on aviation fuel fluctuations